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Tornado VPN Pro – Premium Paid Security Proxy v11.69 (Paid) APK

Tornado VPN Pro – Premium Paid Security Proxy | Limited for up to 1 year!
Title: Tornado VPN Pro – Premium Paid Security Proxy
Genre: Tools
Developer: Borneh Studio

Tornado VPN Pro – Premium Paid Security Proxy

Why choose Tornado VPN Pro?
✓ No Ads for app Lifetime!
✓ Choose apps which using VPN (Android 5.0+ required)
✓ Strict no-logging policy
✓ Well-designed UI
✓ No usage and time

■ Features:
– No credit cards required
– No registration or login required
– No Log is saved from any users
– Select locations

■ What can I do with a VPN?
– Provide privacy by hiding your internet activity from your ISP
– Protect you against hackers or online trackers when using a open WiFi hotspot
– Break out of a restrictive network at work or school
– Change your IP address

Why Tornado VPN Pro?

* Easy to Use
Download, install and open to click "connect", then you can use

* Unlimited Traffic VPN
We do not limit the data traffic, so you can just use it without any worries.

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** Application Rules

* Please Note: If our apps It was not efficient for you or not worked in your country Please "Do not submit on Reviews" you can Send your order ID to our email addresses and we'll consider it and Refund Your money.

* Please Note: Please for Request Refund your Money or Get previous update App link, Contact with us by our Email Address,
Everyone Can Send your own order id and get having this Services,

Please Do Not Submit Report on Reviews,

** Reply – Refund Issue: (Must be read before or after purchase):

We can't reply your emails because more of them is personal problem and that problem is not for everyone, also it's impossible to send updates to solve personal problem for this reason we ask you to, if possible, only if our application is not usable and tolerable for you and because we can not solve your problem for the reasons mentioned, you can email us your purchase order id to refund your money.

* You can send your questions about the description & Refund and the rules of the application to our email address.

* Please note beforehand or after purchase that this application is valid for at least 6 months and up to 1 year after your purchase date!
This may be extended, but you should know it for a maximum of 1 year,
However, no additional charges will be charged for this extension.

Old Customers: If for any reason you are shocked and annoying with new rules and worried about the inability to operate the application, be sure that this app will work for everyone from February 2019 to at least 6 months and one 1 years later, and maybe more, but you will not be charged a new amount for this extension, if you still do not consent, we will apologize to annoying for the new rules and you can also refund your money using the method mentioned above.

* Screenshots and description may differ from app. Also, the app may not work for a specific country and everyone at anytime!

* We may not be able to respond to some emails and comments

* New: If you money refunded and app deleted from your phone please send your order id for get free promotion code!

* The App may not work well for everyone at any time, but if app is not efficient for you and not work speedy and perfectly for you, please send your order id for refund your money or get previous version link.

* Please note : The App may have small bugs! If it was annoying you can report it.

* Please note : Connections are shared with all users. So you may experience a drop in speed.

* Please Note: All servers and locations may not work and may not be available, whether you are the old user or new user; You can try the app and check its performance if it is suitable for you, You can Keep it. But if for any reason it did not work well for you or you are not satisfied with it, you can send your purchase order ID for refund your money.

Our Email: [email protected]

** Your purchase is as approval of the application rules **



** Your purchase is as approval of the application rules
*** if you money refunded and app deleted from your phone please send your order id for get promotion code
* This update is intended only to convince users to read the Application rules
* Every Old & New Customers Must be Read All of App Rules and Description
• Bugs Fixed
• Please try & choose all of 4 available modes for get faster speed
(Auto – Fastest – OpenVPN – IKEv2 (recommended)
• Optimize Connection
– No Ads for app Lifetime!


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