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To the Bottom v1.2.1 (Paid) APK

Ride your elevator to the bottom, and fight everyone who tries to stop you!
Title: To the Bottom
Genre: Action
Developer: Hornachsen Games

Welcome to To the Bottom!
In To the Bottom you will ride an elevator to reach the bottom of the seemingly infinite Central Tower.
You will choose your character and help them on their way to the bottom.
On your way to the bottom you have to be careful!
There are many enemies who will try to stop you, so you have to fight them!

Go and board your elevator! The Bottom is waiting for you!
How far will you get?

To the Bottom features:

– Hilarious action
– Hordes of enemies
– 17 Characters
– 11 Companions
– 5 Stages with unique enemies and bosses
– 50 Weapons and items
– 5 Shops
– A unique soundtrack
– Countless unlockable characters and items (Free of charge!)
– A stats screen to keep track of your performance
– A tutorial to get you started
– Customizable volume settings
– Customizable screen shake settings
– Elevators!


Gameplay / Trailer


– Fixed a bug that would freeze the game with Ricky, Wilhelm and Vanda
– Overhauled UI for better visual cues


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