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Sound Spectrum Analyzer v7.5 (Pro) APK

App meters sound noise level (SPL) and analyses sound frequency spectrum.
Title: Sound Spectrum Analyzer
Genre: Music_and_audio
Developer: PC Mehanik

Sound Spectrum Analyzer meters sound noise level (SPL – amplitude in decibels) and analyses sound frequency spectrum in real time (RTA) using FFT.

The analyzer is very easy to use and offers a lot of useful features: high RTA refreshing rate and frequency resolution, adjustable sound noise level amplitude scale (up to 150 decibels), RTA peak hold function, flat reference line, local peak frequency…

Sound meter can be recorded on 3 separate channels. User can later compare noise level (SPL – dB) and frequency response charts between the channels.

It also includes a signal (tone) generator, which helps us to meter the frequency response of a sound system.

Input/output can be adjusted to Internal, AUX or Bluetooth. However, all I/O options and combinations do not work on all devices.

Meter can be accurately calibrated for each frequency band separately.



Some bugs fixed.


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