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Sensor Box : Testing for Android v1.4 (Premium) APK

Test your phone's sensor with your phone itself.
Title: Sensor Box : Testing for Android
Genre: Tools
Developer: Art DS Apps

To test all sensors of your phones are working or now, you don't need to go to company's service center of your mobile. Just download this application and test all the available sensors of your phone.

This app covers the following sensors:
– Accelerometer : will display data wise X, Y & Z axis or graphical display of the axis. Provide full information of the hardware of accelerometer like name of sensor, vendor's name, version, power, maximum range and resolution data.

– Gyroscope : provides hardware information details . Cubical display of X, Y & Z axis.

– Temperature sensor : This feature will provide you the current temperature of your mobile. It will also provide you details of your battery with battery health, voltage, type of technology.

Proximity sensor : Wave your hand over the proximity sensor and flower will bloom as the touch over the proximity sensor.

– Orientation sensor : Measure Azimuth, Pitch and Roll with orientation sensor. Also provides hardware information.

– Light sensor : This will test the light measuring sensor of your mobile. Test it by placing mobile in full light and then in full dark place. It will measure light in Luxes unit.

– Magnetic Sensor : Place your mobile near to magnetic or electrical device. The sensor will measure it. Also provides hardware information.

There are many more sensor testing in this app. Download the application and test your mobile sensors yourself.



New improved version.
Better performance.
Removed bugs.


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