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Right Angled Triangle Calculator and Solver – PRO v1.1 (Paid) APK

Right-angled triangle calculator and Solver with details
Title: Right Angled Triangle Calculator and Solver - PRO
Genre: Education
Developer: SandS9

It's a PRO app and easy to use with eye-catching User Interface.
Designed to solve right angled triangle problem with well explanation.

PRO Features :
1) View calculation steps
2) View formulas
3) No ads

• Giving solution based on your input.

• Detailed solution with right-angled triangle trigonometry formulas.

• Calculate Side, Angle, Area, Height and Parimeter.

• Angle can be worked with Degree, Radian, Degree-Minute-Second (DMS), and Grad.

• Side, height and parimeter can be worked with Inch, Foot, Meter, Centimeter and Millimeter.

• Area can be worked with Inch², Foot², Meter², Centimeter² and Millimeter².

• Set decimal places.

• Pick your own THEME.

Enjoy the app!

FREE Version:



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