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Its TITANIC 2 premium v1 (Paid) APK

Be the Captain of Titanic, save her from huge Icebergs – or NOT!
Title: Its TITANIC 2 premium
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Distinct Media

Take control of this massive iron ship, Engage ship engines at full steam ahead and try get though the Iceberg field in the fastest time or plow into the pack ice and icebergs and immerse yourself in the spectacle!

★ Premium Titanic Sinking simulation ★ Best played in low light

Relive this event in the ice cold waters of the Atlantic ocean, fire fireworks, watch lifeboats flee the chaotic scene as water rushes into the sinking vessel, watch as people jump for there lives under clear cloudless and star filled Sky's..

Captain take to the sea! Make history a hero or Captain a disaster

Search and Rescue the passengers after ship sinks into ice cold waters



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