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Hotword Changer+ for Assistant v3.1 APK

Change your Assistant's hotword to something else.
Jarvis? Alexa? Marvin? or ..?
Title: Hotword Changer+ for Assistant
Genre: Tools
Developer: Linux Authority

You can use Hotword Changer to access your Assistant (Your default assist app or whatever opens when you long-press the home button) with different hotwords.

Hotword Changer lets you use voice wake-up feature even when the screen is turned off.

By default, Hotword Changer will recognize you when you say like "Jarvis" etc. whenever the screen is on or your device is charging.

However, you can run it when the screen is off but comes at the cost of increased battery usage!
(Not recommended)

There are only six hotwords available right now:
* Alexa
* Computer (Star Trek?)
* Jarvis (Stark?)
* Marvin (the Paranoid Android?)
* Happy
* Sheila

Support for custom hotwords (kinda) will be available soon…
Thank you for your support!!

*Simultaneous recording in apps is not allowed for third-party apps on Android (except Android 10). Hotword Changer makes this possible using a lot of hacks. Some features may or may not work.
*Feedbacks are appreciated.
*Devices not respecting "Android Foreground Services" will kill the app in the background. Check the OEMs website for possible solutions.

Permission notice:
Microphone: The app won't work at all because it needs to record what the user is saying.

Usage Access: Used to release microphone when any other app having recording permission is in the foreground (Not required on Android 10 & above).

Display over other apps: On Android 10 & above, apps can not start other apps without this permission. Hotword Changer won't be able to start your Assistant app. (Not required on pre-Andorid 10 devices).



Added three new hotwords: Marvin (the Paranoid Android?), Happy & Sheila.
Halved battery usage on Android 10 devices.
Tensorflow is the primary ML library.


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