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Goodtime: Pomodoro Timer and Time Management v2.0.11 (Unlocked) APK

A minimalist but powerful pomodoro timer to keep you focused. Study and log.
Title: Goodtime: 🍅⏳ Pomodoro Timer and Time Management
Genre: Productivity
Developer: Adrian Cotfas

Goodtime is designed to keep you focused and free of distractions.
Alternate between focused work sessions and short breaks handled by the app.
Get rid of procrastination and improve your time management!

⏳ split your work into sessions of focus followed by short breaks
☕ after a configurable number of work sessions, take a longer break

• No ads
• No tracking or personal data collection
• Open-source
• Lightweight: ~2 MB download size
• Battery friendly
• Configurable timer
• Pause, skip or add 60 seconds
• Long breaks after a number of completed work sessions
• Detailed statistics
• AMOLED-friendly user interface
• Immersive fullscreen mode
• Keep the screen on
• Custom notification sounds
• Auto start work or break without user interaction
• Android Wear support for notifications
• Disable sound and Wi-Fi connection during the work sessions
• Translated in 40 languages

Pro features
• Colored labels
• Timer styles
• Manually add sessions
• Edit completed sessions
• Backup export and import
• Export statistics to CSV
• Screensaver mode
• Themes
• Separate notification sound for work and break
• Insistent notifications
• All future features for free

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Different phone OEMs have an aggressive take towards apps that rely on background work and alarms, such as pomodoro timers, to save some battery life.
It is recommended that you disable the battery optimization for this app in order to get accurate alarms.
In the worst case, if you still have issues, try to keep the phone plugged in and/or the screen on while working.
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For any suggestions or questions, please contact me and I'll be glad to help!


Gameplay / Trailer


• improved the tutorial with animations and now can be started from the About page
• reduced the code size
• UI improvements
• updated translation for Danish, Greek, Hindi, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese


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