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FolderStory – Write novel, Create World v1.0.1 (AdFree) APK

Thousands of writers are in use, and help them create everything they imagine.
Title: FolderStory - Write novel, Create World
Genre: Productivity
Developer: FolderStory

FolderStory is most powerful writing tool in the world.
Thousands of writers are in use, and help them create everything they imagine.

[Note ]
– This is a key feature that creates and manages various settings for a novel, such as characters, synopsis, class, skills and items.
– Add properties, delete unwanted properties, and reorder to create your own notes.
– Various examples are provided.
ex :
(Character Example) 40 properties including description, age, sex, birth date, place of residence, class, personality, appearance, etc.
(e.g. item example) 13 properties including description, type, grade, material, weight, manufacturer, shape, etc.
(Country example) 26 properties including description, language, capital, area, population, average life span, currency, political system, etc.
10+ example notes, numerous properties, freely editable.

[ Folder ]
– Efficiently categorize and manage notes in folders.
– Whatever you want, create and organize folders that are easy for you to see.
ex :
(Depth1) Character
ㄴ(Depth2) Main characters
ㄴ(Depth2) Villains
ㄴ(Depth2) Extras
(Depth1) Item
ㄴ(Depth2) Weapon
ㄴ(Depth3) Sword
ㄴ(Depth3) Bow
ㄴ(Depth3) Axe
ㄴ(Depth2) Armor
ㄴ(Depth2) Shield

[ Story ]
Create and manage stories, chapters and episodes.
Story : Unit that separates a novel or scenario
Chapter: Unit that can contain multiple episodes.
Episode: The smallest unit of story.

[ Work anywhere, anytime]
FolderStory supports both web and mobile web/app and is available on any device, including computers, smartphones and tablets.
Simply take notes of your ideas and characters on the go with your smartphone.
Conveniently write on your computer's keyboard and monitor at home.
On your computer, you can display multiple notes at once, and you can view and work with your notes and stories at the same time.



– Release FolderStory, a service for all writers in the world.


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