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Engross: Focus Timer with To Do List & Day Planner v6.2.1 (Premium) APK

7 Million distractions beaten!
1 App to Improve focus, Manage time, Manage tasks
Title: Engross: Improve focus. Timer, To do list, Planner
Genre: Productivity
Developer: Engross Apps

Engross is a combination of Pomodoro Timer with Todo list and Planner. It will help to keep your work/studies more organised and finish things faster.

Engross uses a unique ‘Hit me when you are distracted’ method in its sessions that helps to work with more focus and engagement.

Pomodoro Timer and Stopwatch
A fully customizable Pomodoro timer with work session length up to 180 minutes and long break up to 240 minutes.
A Stopwatch when you do not wish to work in fixed sessions or just want to track time.

To Do list
•  Recurring Todo: Create repeating tasks with end dates for long-running or regular tasks/habits.
•  Progressive Todo: Track progress of long tasks with a progress tracker attached with the task.
•  Reminders: Set reminders and get notified up to 24 hours in advance.
•  Sub Tasks: Divide Big tasks into smaller and achievable sub-tasks to reach your goal faster and better.

Day Planner
•  Create events and plan your daily, weekly schedule.
•  Get notified with reminders and stay on track with your routine.
•  Create Recurring events with daily, weekly and custom repetition.

Timer integration with Todo List and Planner
•  Attach Pomodoro timer or Stopwatch with your tasks/events and start your sessions right from your Todo list and Planner.

Statistics and Analysis
•  Work Statistics and Focus Analysis with 7 different Graphs and a summary for quick look.
•  Detailed History of Work Sessions.
•  Filter History and Statistics for each label to get better insights.
•  Export your sessions history in a CSV file.

Work Target
•  Set daily work target and track hours worked each day.

•  Label Timer sessions, Tasks and Events to keep your work more organised and track them with label-wise History and Statistics.

App Whitelist
•  Block all the distracting apps while you are focusing.

Revision Timer for Students
•  Add a Revision timer before or after work timer to have a dedicated slot for your revision needs.

Automatic Cloud Backup
•  Automatic backup of all your work sessions, tasks, events and labels.

More features
•  Auto turning off of WiFi during work sessions.
•  Add a goal/comment to a timer to keep yourself focused and organized.
•  Additional Black theme to increase battery life.
•  Session almost over warning for work and break.
•  Add custom quotes to show during a session to keep yourself motivated.
•  Pause a work session.
•  Automatic and Manual modes for timer.
•  Fast forward to next session/break.

Pomodoro™ and Pomodoro Technique® are registered trademarks of Francesco Cirillo. This app is not affiliated with Francesco Cirillo.



Version 6.2.1
– Addition of White Noise.
– Integration with Calendar.
– Improved Dark theme.
– Design and Performance improvements.
Version 6.0.0
– New User-Interface with a new set of features.
– Upgraded interface to make it more user-friendly and smoother.
– Introducing more features which will help users improve their productivity and task management.


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