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Easy Speedometer Pro v1.109.1.p APK

Speedometer with max, average, alarms, odometer and "rallye mode"
Title: Easy Speedometer Pro
Genre: Auto_and_vehicles
Developer: K├╝

Use this GPS speedometer with altitude, location, direction and time (local time or elapsed time), especially when you are not driving a car but going by bicycle, by train, by boat or even by airplane.

With "HUD" (head up display) turned on you can put your device in front of mirroring glass (of an vehicle) to read the reflected displays.

You can quickly display the current geo-location without the need of an internet connection.

Simple displays but many display options.


* Speedometer (km/h, mph, kn, m/s), digital and analog

* Analog meter with auto-range that adjusts to the speed, even at very high speeds (the first time you move with over 10mph the range will be set to 50mph and so on, you can manually set it back to the lowest possible value depending on current speed; you set it back under Settings > Speed > reset analog range)

* Shows reached maximum speed and average speed
* Personal upper/lower speed limit alarms (visual and sound), you can define up to 7 limits
* HUD ("Head-Up-Display") to reflect and read the display in a window
* Odometer (km, mi, nm, m), 3 counters for "current trip", "overall distance" and "Rallye mode", reset distance by simple tap in rallye mode
* Altitude above sea level (m, ft), a offset value can be added
* Location (geo coordinates in different formats including "degrees with decimal minutes")
* Location as address or named plac (reverse geocoding)
* Direction as number or compass pointer which points to north
* accuracy of GPS-signal
* timer that counts from last reset of a distance, or local time
* color change as warning on poor GPS signal
* all components can be turned on separately
* large numbers, depending on number of selected components
* different layouts (themes)
* "night mode" to darken display, also using light sensor (if your device provides a light sensor)
* lock/release rotation of device screen
* share measured values with other apps (simple text infos)
* receive and use collected values such as distance, max and average speed from the basic version of this app ("Kwd Tacho"). Make sure to have both apps installed to transfer data.

Your device needs a location sensor (GPS) to run this app.
An internet connection is NOT required, except for showing "address or named place". Available connections (WiFi) is used to get more accurate position data in urban areas.

If you start the app while in "airplane mode" it may not find location or speed. You have to turn off "airplane mode" shortly to start measuring. Then you can turn on "airplane mode" again. This behaviour does not apply when you simply have poor or no internet connection.

This app can gather speed and distance data while in background. In this case you always see a notification in the status bar. Tap on the "EXIT" button inside the app to save battery power.

Inside the app you can only display the languages English or German – although this description may have been translated to your language by Google



New "light" theme, suitable for full daylight.


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