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Circuit Calculator. Let’s Make Electronics Easier! v3.8 (Paid) APK

A tool for electronics engineers and all electronics enthusiasts.
Title: Circuit Calculator. Let's Make Electronics Easier!
Genre: Tools
Developer: VDV

Circuit Calculator is an offline interactive design tool for electronics engineers and all electronics enthusiasts.
Convenience, visibility and ability to find an optimal solution in minimum time.

80+ analog circuit topologies, 40+ electronics calculators, 10+ Application Notes, Logic Solver.

You can try "Circuit Calculator Demo" before you buy:

Of course, there are vendor's online and offline electronics design tools.
But their tools support only their ICs and what if you don't have access to the Internet or you have only your mobile device with you?
This tool is designed by an engineer for engineers and is able to save you a lot of time!

* Amplifiers;
* Variable Gain Amplifiers;
* Drivers;
* Current Sources and Receivers;
* Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandstop Filters;
* Mathematical Operations;
* Power Circuits;
* Others Passive and Active Circuits;
* Reverse: calculation of circuit parameters at known values of its components if it is possible;
* Logic Solver, from 2 to 6 inputs;
* Auxiliary electronics-specific tools;
* Application Notes;

You can use Filter Designer to design multistage active analog filters, available in the Google Play Store.



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* User interface is updated
* Search through subtopics of the notes
* All options are available on the first page of the Wizard
* New notes
* Improvements
* Bug fixes


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