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AudioUtil – Audio Analysis Tools v2.0 (Paid) APK

Audio Analysis in real-time right on your phone.
Title: AudioUtil - Audio Analysis Tools
Genre: Tools
Developer: Sound-Base Audio, LLC

AudioUtil features tools for capturing and analyzing audio signals from your devices microphone in real-time. Screenshots of the display can easily be taken through the utility's context menu. Touch the graph to show a value readout. Adjust multiple parameters like sample rate, buffer size, zero padding, window type, range, and themes to name a few.

Utility Descriptions:

• View sound waves in the time domain.
• Amplitude measurement by dragging on the screen.
• Set trigger level to freeze display if audio exceeds amplitude threshold.
• Displays time and amplitude in readout.

• Amplitude readout with variable time falloff.

• Linear and logged frequency axis.
• Peak tracking for up to five peaks.
• Displays frequency and amplitude in readout.

• Definable frequency limits to zoom in on desired frequencies.
• Four themes/color maps.
• Displays time, frequency, and amplitude in readout.

• View a FFT analysis as a color spectrum.
• Four themes/color maps.
• Displays frequency and amplitude in readout.

About permissions: This app requests minimal permissions to record audio and to write to storage. These are required in order to successfully capture sound and save screenshots to the device.



Updated UI
Added info menu
New settings menu
New audio engine
Added adjustable sample rate and buffer size
More detailed readouts for all utilities
Larger font size
Pause is now located on the action bar
Scope includes time readout
Scope trigger level is now adjustable on view
FFT now tracks up to 5 peaks
FFT is much more accurate
Spectrum also calculates amplitude on readout
Spectrogram now calculates time and amplitude on readout
Spectrogram is much faster and detailed


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