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ARC-AiDE Lite v3.4.0 (Paid) APK

The mobile device portal into EMACS Bodyshop and Business Manager.
Title: ARC-AiDE Lite
Genre: Business
Developer: EMA Computer Solutions

ARC-AiDE Lite is a mobile device portal into E.M.A. Computer Solutions popular range of Bodyshop and Business Manager application packages.

Productive staff will have the following functions at their fingertips:

Productive Clock On:
Effectively a workshop Time Recording Unit in your pocket, allows productives to clock on and off jobs, create and view supplementary requests, view images/repair methods and view parts related to their current job. Non-productives can also use ARC-AiDE Lite to clock on to site.

The easy way to get images from the workshop to the job. Simply select the job from a list and take as many images as required, in or out of Wi-Fi range.

Check out the full version of ARC-AiDE, available on the app store, which adds Collection/Delivery, Workshop Control, Workshop Activity and Reminders.

Compatible Devices:
Android 4 or above.

Requires E.M.A. Computer Solutions Business Manager or Bodyshop Manager Version 7.01nV2 or later.
Requires Adobe Reader to view Images and Repair Methods.



Fixed issue with camera shutter button too close to system softbuttons.
Fixed issues with uploading.
Fixed an issue with clocking on.


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