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360 HDR Bracket Tool v3.0.2 APK

Auto shoot HDRI. Designed for Theta Z1/V/SC/S. Better than the Official App
Title: 360 HDR Bracket Tool
Genre: Photography
Developer: Jianming Guo

This app is actively developed by an FX TD (Visual Effects Technical Director), aiming to allow fast and no-brainer preparing 360° images for producing HDRI images efficiently with RICOH Theta S/SC/V/Z1. Images taken need to be exported to another app or on the computer to merge them into the .hdr or the .exr file. There are lots of options to do that, it is suggested to use Photomatrix, PT Gui, Photoshop or Lightroom with the plugin.

Features include,
1. Automatically Shooting Multiple 360° Images For HDRI.
2. Shoot Backplates with the phone camera, and organize files efficiently
3. Automatically calculate exposure settings, allowing to cover wide EV range (this app is now capable of shooting up to ± 9.0 EV range). This means you will not need to struggle with ISO or Shutter Speed Setting anymore with this app.
4. Automatically Download Images just shot or afterward with file name changed to be meaningful.
5. Comprehensive logging functions to allow TD working without pressure on set. Allowing Show thumbnails, comments, image file inspection, etc.
6. Comprehensive tutorial included.
7. Connection, Theta Battery and Capacity Indicator.

1. This app requires a minimum Theta firmware version.
Theta S: 1.82
Theta SC: 1.20
Theta V: 1.11
Theta Z1: 1.11

eg. for Theta S,
RICOH provided an app here A tutorial on how to upgrade is here

2. This app supports the latest Theta Z1 device.
Also working with Theta SC and Theta V, it actually performing better on Theta V and Z1, since they have wider EV range on iso/shutter speed/image resolution setting.

3. This app doesn't work with the Client Mode, nor the Bluetooth. Please make sure to turn off Theta device Client Mode for newer Theta V and Theta Z1 devices. Client Mode means Theta device and Mobile phone connects to the same router with same LAN. This app only works when the mobile phone connects to Theta device's Wifi Hotspot.

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